About Us

Gluten Free Flour is What We Do!

Jamestown Mills is a dedicated gluten free flour mill operated by brothers, John and Joe Weninger.
The brand "Jamestown Mills" is a tribute to the rich history of a pioneer settlement (Jamestown) settled in the early to mid 1800's. Although the settlement has been gone for nearly 150 years, we are bringing some history back to present.

Jamestown Mills Inc is dedicated to gluten free milling and gluten free products only.

On bulk orders, our flours are dedicated to batch testing by the tonne. Each tonne of flour has a sample sent to an accredited third party lab for gluten analysis. The customer gets a copy of the lab certificate authenticating the integrity of the order.

On our retail sized packaged products we have a dedicated gluten free co packer fill all our orders and actually place the gluten lab certificate number on the individual package.

Jamestown Mills specializes in supplying bakeries of all sizes, manufacturers, bulk food stores and basically anything that is involved in the gluten free industry.

Jamestown Mills earns your business by standing behind our products in what we mill and distribute. Our milling is batch tested by the tonne by a third party accredited lab.

Our flours are whole grain stone milled, and we offer custom milling for customers who need a specific granulation.

We offer custom milling to customers that want specific grades.


We invite everyone to try our flours. To your health! John and Joe Weninger